Hello Friends! My name is Maril! I'm a 23 year old gal who likes to draw, eat food, watch anime, and play video games.


been working on this piece the whole day and i love the way its coming out

Currently taking commissions!
I’m moving out of my parents place in less than a month and this is crunch time. Any bit of the money made from commissions will be going into savings for the move. 
I also have a redbubble shop if you’re interested in prints, T-shirts, and phone cases.
Sketches - $15 +$5 per extra character[Example]
Coloured sketches - $15-$25, +$10 per extra character. Price range based upon complexity of character.[Example]
Animated Portraits - $30-$40. Price range is based on how many expressions you want for the character. (Drastic expression changes, such as one happy, one angry.)[Example 1] [Example 2]
Fully Coloured - $40-$65. Price range based upon complexity of character.[Example]
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A Maid to Bother by CureforCapezio

Sleepy legion by M-hourglass

"My father’s a C-Sec man, to the bone. ‘Do things right or don’t do them at all’, he says."
I’m going to keep this in my inbox forever.